Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Run to Utah Run and a Giveaway

As you might know Jorge, Steph and I have worked hard to put together a pacing team.  Our pacing team is called Run Your Race Pacers of Utah, our pacing blog is  We paced 5 half marathons last year and we are getting ready to pace our first event this year, on Saturday.  We are pacing the Dino 1/2 Marathon in Vernal, Utah.  It is a super fun race down a beautiful canyon and we are so excited to have the opportunity to pace it again this year!  At this point in time we are volunteers to the races, we don't make money of off pacing. In order to make this possible we have to go out into the community and reach out to companies to find sponsors for our team.  Jorge and I went into Utah Run a couple of weeks ago and ended up talking to the owner, Aaron, and he agreed to be our teams main sponsor!!! On Monday Steph and I went over and met with Aaron and his buyer, Sarah, and made a plan as to  how we'll work together and we are looking forward to a great relationship with them!  They are going to be providing us with some new pacing shirts and we're so grateful for that!  After we had our meeting Sarah walked us around the store and showed us all of the running gear they carry and of course the cutest and latest trends in running clothes!  She was so knowledgeable and being a runner herself, she knows what runners want and need!  After showing us around the store she told us she'd like us to do a review of some of their products and let us each choose an outfit to wear and review on our blogs!!! So exciting :) 

 This is the gear I received;  an Oakley top,  Nike shorts, Nike Pro shorts for underneath, a  Fruit Loops Bondi Bands headband, a Flip  Belt and some Shot Bloks
 They gave us each a Flip Belt to try out.  I am pretty excited about this because I need to carry my phone when running so my kidlets can call if they need anything. I can't wait to try it on my run tomorrow, the last couple of mornings have been way too cold when we started our ran so we stuck with the treadmill!  Utah Run is the only store in Utah that carries the Flip Belt or you have to order it online. They have tons of colors and sizes available to choose from!  I chose grey since it matches more of my stuff. The Flip Belt is supposed to be the best thing for carrying your phone, keys, and whatever else you need when running and doesn't jostle around. 

 The shirt I chose is an Oakley tank. It is super soft, light, and comfortable.  I love the looser fit and the colors!  I didn't get any chaffing, which is always a plus! 
 I love these headbands by Bondi Bands!  They come in so many colors and designs and are so light you don't even realize you're wearing it.  I chose this cute Fruit Loops one, it is bright and matches pretty much anything! The reason I choose Fruit Loops is because one day on a long run a guy saw me eating my Skittles and asked if I wanted milk with my Fruit Loops, silly man, although I'm sure Fruit Loops would make fine running fuel!
 Yes I am in fact headless ;)  I was looking pretty rough after a killer workout this morning so I'll spare you a shot of my sweaty mug! I love these Nike shorts, they fit well and are a good length. I also had my Nike Pro shorts under, but I'm not showing those off!  
I loved everything they had in the store and am so grateful for the new running gear, one can ever have enough running clothes! If you need anything running related and live in Utah, head over to their new location on main street in American Fork and check them out!  

Guess what!!!!!  Utah Run is letting me give one lucky person a Flip Belt of their very own!  
In order to enter leave me a comment telling me your very favorite running necessity and also like Utah Run on Facebook and let me know you did!  I will choose a winner on Tuesday May 6th! 


  1. Sunglasses! Without them I squint so much that I can't see where I'm going. :)

  2. Can't run without my old school Garmin.... I like to keep it old school.

  3. I have to have my Garmin. I love that it let's me run wherever I want so I can explore new places. Thanks for this chance to win!

  4. Someone asked me if I would rather run with music or barefoot. I can go without music, but need something on my feet. Most importantly, I need my watch. Ran Ogden Marathon without my Garmin last year (it froze up the day before for some reason and worked right after the race) but ended up running my fastest marathon without it. Go Figure! I've been wanted to see how a flipbelt might work for me.

  5. I have to have my pearl earings! They don't make me faster, but I feel more glamorous running :-) I'd love to try out the FlipBelt in my running ensemble.

  6. Holly, nice to hear that Utah Run is sponsoring the pacing team - I Liked them on FB. Looking forward to more events with RYR in 2014. As for what I love to run with, it has to be the Garmin 305 old Red reliable. Gotta have my metrics, but also need something to hold the IPhone Gels, and other stuff. Hard to find the perfect thing with the size of a smartphone tagging along.

  7. I like UtahRun on FB and my favorite running necessity is my Garmin. NEED to know how far I ran.

  8. I liked Utah Run on facebook. My vary favorite running necessity is music and my garmin :)