Monday, April 28, 2014

20 Mile Shower

On Saturday Steph and I had 20 miles on our training schedule for our San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon training.  We had been watching the weather all week and hoping the weather would cooperate so we didn't have to run the whole thing in the rain.  Between Damon Yauney's weather lies all week and my "smart phones" weather reports I was left wondering and confused as to what the morning would bring.  I woke up at 5 and from what I could see it wasn't raining, I checked my phone and it said the temp was in the 40's, so I dressed in a long sleeved shirt, running skirt and my favorite PRO Compression  socks, boy was I grateful for those later in the morning when my legs were still warm!  As soon as we got out of the car to start our run the sprinkles started. We hit the half way point and turned around, then it really seemed to come down.  

 This picture is from our pit stop around 6 miles, it was wet and raining pretty good.

 We hit 14 miles and were freezing and needed to fuel up so we stopped in the heated bathroom along the Murdock Canal Trail and maybe spent a "few" minutes in there drying off and warming up.  I've never been so grateful for a hand dryer until Saturday!  Except maybe the one time in the bathroom in New York when we got a little silly and had some fun with the high powered dryer, lets just say I lost my gum ;) 
 Yup, we finished all 20 miles and took a wet picture of our soggy shoes and always amazing PRO Compression socks!
 Steph looked at me and started laughing and asked what the heck was on my face!  As we were running along I got slapped in the face by a branch and was sporting some petals on my face for a few miles!
Many people would think running 20 miles is a crazy, horrible endeavor and why would anyone do such a thing to themselves.  I'm not going to lie and say its all Skittles and rainbows and easy peasy, but it is my favorite run of the week and I love a good challenge!  A long run is where you push your mind and body to a different extreme then your daily runs.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment in myself that I can truly do hard things.  It is really hard, at times I wonder if I can really get all the way back to the car when its freezing and raining and I'm 10 miles from getting warm.  Or when I run out of energy and my legs feel like dead weight and I don't know why in the heck I do this to myself.  There are great runs and pretty craptastic ones but us crazy runners always come back for more!  I love getting to run with my RBFF Steph, we can laugh and be silly, we can talk about anything and help each other through lifes ups and downs, we can run in silence and our own thoughts when we have nothing to say or we're struggling and its okay.  Its not very often you find a friend that's more like a sister that loves to run as much as I do and also do other fun things together and with our families!  We also love to organize group runs when it works out.  I have met some of the most amazing people through running and pacing and look forward to this pacing season and all of the adventures to come! 

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