Sunday, April 13, 2014


 I absolutely love Spring time every year!  After a very long, cold winter its so nice to see the world come back to life again, to be able to go outside without 5 layers on, for the kids to get outside and play, and my most favorite thing is to finally get a break from the treadmill and run outside!  I LOVE running in the spring!
Yesterday Steph and I had 20 miles on our training plan for Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon.  We drove up to Provo and parked and ran up to our favorite running trail, The Murdock Canal Trail. This is one of my favorite views from our run   
Pretending that we were "trail" running.  Running on a paved trail is trail running right!?
 On a little refueling stop Steph was feeling her jams and I snuck a picture of her getting her groove on!
 Of course the #tallsocktwins have to get a foot selfie in!  I love my PRO Compression marathon socks.  I'll post a link below for a discount code on the Sock of the Month!

 We saw some interesting things on the trail, including a huge group of almost naked men running real fast in only shorty shorts.  I need to learn to not be so self conscious if my running skirt feels to short ;)
Selfies aren't my favorite so when we finished I asked a nice fella to take a picture of us.  I should of taken my juice pouch off!  It was funny, as we were running along and chatting with a couple different groups people we talked about how far we were going and they assumed we were going far, is a fuel belt a dead giveaway that you're doing a long run?

 Its amazing what our bodies can do, we pushed ourselves hard and finished our big 20 mile run.  It wasn't easy but its such an accomplishing feeling to put in the work and finish such a long run!
All winter long, except for most Saturdays, Steph and I have been running on the treadmill at the gym.  We are at the gym every morning at 5 and do an hour of weights and then run 8 or so miles on the treadmill in the cardio cinema room.  While I'm grateful to have the treadmill to get my runs done, it starts to get very monotonous and I start dreaming of running outside every day!  We're thinking that its getting light enough that we'll start doing our daily runs OUTSIDE this week, YAY!!! I'm so excited and love running and chatting with my RBFF :)   
As you know I love PRO Compression and am an Ambassador for them.  Every month they have a sock of the month special that is 40% off and free shipping.  This month they are doing something pretty awesome! They are helping 2 amazing organizations...
How great is that, you get to help a good cause and get some cool socks for you!!! I'd have to say that's a pretty good deal! 
Choose anything purple and a donation will be made to Team in Training.  Choose anything powder blue and a donation will be made to Train 4 Autism.
Use promo code SOM4 to get 40% off and FREE shipping.
You can also choose to get the brand new red, white and blue marathon "tube sock."
Go to PRO Compression and order your socks or sleeves and you'll have them in a few days, they ship fast!

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