Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Post Finally- Meet my Family

I've been wanting to start a running blog for months now but it keeps getting put on the back burner, so here it is finally! To get started I will introduce you to my crazy family.

Our family consists of my awesome husband Jorge, he's the GM for the Costa Vida in American Fork, he loves to run, bike, workout, read, play with our boys, and talk (and he talks A LOT!) Then there is me, the Mom. I love to RUN, workout, be a mom to my sweet boys, read when I have time (running books and magazines), sounds crazy but I love to clean, and I love being outside spending time with my family and friends.
This is me, Kaden, and Nicolas this past Saturday hiking up the Timpanookee trail in American Fork Canyon
This is our oldest son Kaden, the one that made us parents, he is 9. He is exactly like his Dad, very strong willed, smart, funny, handsome, hard headed, a leader, and can make friends with anyone. He loves to be around people ALL the time. From the moment he wakes up he wants an agenda for the day and expects to be playing with his friends as much as humanly possible. He likes riding his bike or scooter, gymnastics, swimming, basically anything outdoors, reading, and drawing. He is also a big tease, mostly to his little brother Nicolas.
Our 2nd son is Nicolas, he will be 5 in August. He is a little spitfire. He is quite small for his age but makes up for it with his spunkiness and outgoing personality. He is also a sweetheart and tells me every day that I am beautiful and that he loves me. He loves to be busy and play with his friends but also enjoys some down time with Sponge Bob Square Pants! He says and does the funniest things and always has us laughing with his funny stories. Nicolas also loves riding bikes, swimming, being outside, and gymnastics.
The caboose of the family is our sweet almost 2 year old Jackson. Jackson is such a sweet baby and is a total Mommy's boy. He has pretty much been attached to my hip since he was born, I've always enjoyed the fact that he's a very good sleeper so I get a break in the day. He absolutely loves his blanky and must take it everywhere he goes. He likes to go for walks, eat, sleep, play in water, go to Grandma and Papa's house, visit my good friend Steph (one day he'll say her name), go places in the car with the music cranked up so he can dance, and he loves lights(his favorite saying is light on light on). He is such a fun baby and I'm sad he's growing up.

So there you have it, I love my little family, and am so grateful for each of them and for the love and support they give me. I know it doesn't look like much of running blog yet, tomorrow I will do a post on my first, kind of anyways, injury and what I'm learning from it. Thanks for reading!