Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tutus Rock & Hills Kill

Chances are if you've been on Facebook or Instagram today you've seen the story about Self Magazine bashing runners for wearing tutu's while running.  If you haven't read the story you can here. They posted a picture of a couple of ladies running a marathon wearing tutu's and  said runners think they'll run faster if they're wearing a tutu and called it BS.  The magazine had contacted Monika Allen asking for her permission to use her picture.  She was excited about being in a magazine until she saw that they actually used the picture to make fun of her and other runners that run in tutus.  Monika had been diagnosed with brain cancer and was running her first marathon shortly after being diagnosed and while undergoing chemotherapy.  She has a business that makes tutus and donates the money to a running charity for girls.  It makes me so sad and upset to see things like this happen.  We should all support and lift each other up and have some fun in life!  I personally have ran a few races in a tutu and had so much fun!  The times Steph and I have worn tutus we were cheered on and supported by other runners and spectators more then races where we didn't wear one.  Tutus and dressing up for races aren't for everyone or for every race but no one has the right to make fun of someone for wearing one!  I'm going to try harder to be more loving and accepting of people that are doing what they love and in their own style!

On a lighter note, I decided to dress like a giant watermelon to go to the gym this morning.  Getting dressed at 4:30 am you don't always make the best  fashion choices.  It really didn't seem too bad until I put my shoes on as I was headed out the door and that just put the green factor over the edge!  I wore these awesome PRO Compression socks along with, green and pink shorts, a black tank, and these shoes.

Yes it was a little over kill!!!  If you need some of the best compression socks or sleeves go check out PRO Compression  and if you use the code SPRING you can get any of the socks on their Sock of the Month page for 40% off and free shipping!  Steph and I started out by working out our chest, triceps, back and biceps then we headed into the cardio cinema room to do this great hill workout we saw on Sweats for Sweets Instagram.

We started out by warming up for 10 minutes then went into the workout.  Its a 35 minute workout but if you go through it twice, minus the warmup, its a great 1 hour workout!  I wasn't feeling it at first, my legs were heavy and my heart rate was high but I kept at it and was proud of myself for pushing through and finishing it!  I was dripping with sweat and nearly died ;) running up all those hills, but I survived! We are still doing the majority of our running on the treadmill at the gym due to the fact that it is still quite cold and dark when we start running around 6:15 every day.  I am praying for it to start getting light sooner so we can run around Provo and have a fun time chatting and not staring at numbers and trying to distract myself to get my miles in.  I so love running and will run regardless of if its on the treadmill or outside but nothing quite beats running outside!  It has been nice to do our Saturday long runs outside when the weather permits, it keeps me sane :)
I hope all of your running is going well!

What races are you training for? 
I will be pacing the Dino Half in Vernal in May and am training for the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on June 1st I'm so excited to run in my favorite place with my RBFF!!!

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  1. I've questioned my ability to dress myself at 5am on more than one occasion. ;) Although I totally like your watermelon themed outfit, I do understand that there's nothing like getting to the gym and feeling like you look silly.
    Races~ Come See Me Half in SC, Provo Half, and UV Marathon!!