Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

This is a very random post but I'm pretty random so here are three things I want to share today!

1. We had our good friends, The Anderson's, over for dinner and Gingerbread house making Sunday night.  We had so much fun creating, laughing and consuming way too much sugar!  I think the adults had more fun then the kids! 

2. If you want to do a KILLER leg workout go check out Steph's Blog, we made some little videos to show  how to do each workout properly, she's one tough lil Mama! I'll warn you though, you are going to be sore!  After that awesome leg workout we tried out a treadmill hill workout that nearly killed us off! I warmed up for 2 miles then set the treadmill to 7 mph and started the hill climb.  After each hill repeat I lowered the treadmill to recover for a minute. Towards the end I had to jump on the sides to catch my breath.  Once the hill workout was done I lowered the treadmill and ran at 7.5 mph for a couple of miles.

I got this workout on Instagram from @sweat4sweets
Then for a little recovery I did a quick little stretch and once I showered I put on my favorite compression gear, my Aspaeris Pivot Shorts and PRO Compression Marathon socks.  I received a couple of surprises in the mail from these companies and am so excited to try them out. 

If you go to their Facebook pages they both have 40% off sales and you can get your favorite runner a great gift for Christmas! 

3. I love this picture of Jackson and Jorge at our family Christmas party on Saturday.  Jorge is working in Canada and we had the privilege of having him home for the weekend and we couldn't get enough of him!  He is an amazing husband and dad and we are so lucky and grateful he's ours!  We miss him like crazy and can't wait for him to come home for Christmas!

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