Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2 Long Runs

Can I just say that I LOVE long runs, like a lot!  Ever since I started training for my first marathon long run Saturdays have always been my absolute favorite run of the week!  People always wonder what we're training for but we just love to run!  I love the preparation and planning the day before a long run.  I love running in a group or with my RBFF Steph. We run, talk, laugh, cry and share so much in those hours of running.  It is so much fun!  Whether I'm feeling great or having a hard run nothing quite beats the feeling of accomplishment after pushing your body beyond what you thought possible both physically and mentally!

 We did a big group run and ran the Thankful 13 course.  We got lost for a minute and the rest of the group turned around, but Steph, Josh and I stuck it out and had a great 14 mile run in the snow!

Last Saturday Jorge, Josh, Steph and I drove up the right hand fork of Hobble Creek Canyon and ran down the canyon, then into Mapleton and made our way home!  We dedicated that run as our virtual 5k x 5 for the Philippines, it was an awesome run!  Our long run will be this Thursday when we pace the Thankful 13 1/2 Marathon.  What better way to earn your turkey on Thanksgiving!

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