Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jingle Bell Run

Today was Rachelle's 2nd Annual Christmas Fun Run.  We ran it last year and it was my very favorite run of the whole year! When I opened my garage to leave home at 6:30 I was quite surprised to see it snowing!!!  At first I was nervous to slip and slide all over the place but we were brave and still went. With the cold and darkness in the mornings I have been banished to treadmill running and have been excitedly looking forward to a wonderful run about the city and what made it even better was dressing up and running in the SNOW with my RBFF!! We arrived a little early and ran a couple miles before we all met up in front of Kneaders.  This picture isn't great but its all I have of Steph and I before we started running.


This is most of the group before we started.  There were tons of runners at all different paces. Steph and I bought some fancy elf costumes at Target and wore our holiday socks from PRO Compression.  We were the jolliest little elves around and we jingled and jangled all over town! I was wondering why we were running alone....maybe our jingle bells were a little annoying!  We didn't care though, we decided we were the Holiday Cheermeisters and used our special elf powers to bring holiday cheer to everyone!

 I love the Provo River Trail but it got super hard running through the snow and ice, up hill.  Once we hit about 6 miles we decided to bring holiday cheer to all of Provo and Orem so we turned around and headed toward town. Cars were honking and waving and there were even a few people that pulled over just to take a picture of the two deranged elves that surely escaped the North Pole! We waved and yelled "Merry Christmas" to anyone that looked at us with a confused look on their face!  

One of my favorite things was when a car drove by and Santa was hanging out the window waving at us!  We really wanted him to stop and take a picture with us but I'm sure he was in a hurry to get back to the North Pole! We were pretty sure he was the same Santa we saw last year on our run! 

I love this picture of our Elfie feet and holiday stockings! These little shoe covers saved our feet from freezing and getting soaking wet.  Everyone else stopped at Kneaders for french toast but we decided to keep on going.  We ended up with 16.20 miles, we really wanted to keep going but decided to listen to our sore, tired legs and be responsible mama's and get back to our kidlets. I'm sure people thought we were being hazed or had lost a bet, two grown women  running around dressed as elves! Sometimes its fun to take life a little less seriously and make a fool out of yourself and just have fun and I'm so grateful I got to do that today, it made my whole Christmas!  I loved this run and can't wait for next year!  

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