Sunday, April 14, 2013

PRO Compression #keepittight

Another company that I LOVE is PRO Compression, they make the most amazing compression stockings and sleeves ever! I ordered some of their purple marathon socks for myself for Christmas and after wearing them and loving them I decided to contact them when we were finding our pacer team sponsors. Eric at PRO Compression was so generous and sent Jorge, Steph and I some socks to test out and review.  They've also done a giveaway on our pacing blog
I use my PRO Compression socks to run in and recover in.  I like to wear them to bed at night before I have a long run or if my legs feel particularly TIGHT!
These are the lucky socks Eric sent us last month.  People may look at Steph and I weird when we're running about in leprechaun socks in July but who cares, right!?
Steph and I both had some PRO Compression socks on yesterday on our 20 mile training run and we both had a great run and our legs felt great the whole time! After my horrendous ice bath i put on a fresh pair of PRO Compression socks and they helped my little leggies recover quite nicely!  If you need some awesome compression socks go to and if you enter BLG13 you'll get 40% off all marathon socks and free shipping this month, ya can't beat that! #keepittight

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