Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Review

 A little over a month ago I contacted Aspaeris to see if they'd like to be a sponsor for our pacing team.  Kari was so nice and excitedly got on board with us and also sent Steph and I each a pair to test out and review.  The first time I put them on was interesting, they are tight! They're supposed to be tight since they are compression but boy did I feel like a little sausage  stuffed into them!


I have used my fancy shorts to run in and recover in, and just because they feel really good!  I've had some injuries in my inner thighs, glutes, and lower back and they are just no fun!  I really feel like they are helping me so much with all this crazy marathon training for Ogden!  Here are the benefits of these amazing shorts I borrowed from their website.


Runners often wear compression shorts and other apparel for recovery after long tough runs. Aspaeris Pivot Shortshave a triple purpose:

Improved Performance

The patent pending Dual Sensory Compression BandsTM guide your muscles into proper alignment. This guidance reduces your muscle fatigue allowing your body to move in the most efficient possible way. You’ll feel lighter and stronger as you push your body to the limits.

Runners know that the less energy used worrying about form, the more energy available to run a faster race.

Faster Recovery

Running in Pivot Shorts sets you up for an easier recovery period through improved muscle alignment. However, if you only wear Pivot Shorts for recovery, the Dual Sensory Compression BandsTM serve a secondary purpose in holding muscles in place and improving the circulation to your tired quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Injury Prevention

Your race goals may be to beat your personal best, but Pivot Shorts are made for more than just performance. Proper body alignment means you’re lessening your chance of injury.

When you’re on your 24th mile of a marathon, you are not thinking about running form anymore. Let Pivot Shorts do the thinking for you. The light guidance will help you maintain your form and stay strong til the end.

Pivot Shorts are not your everyday compression shorts; they are a triple threat. Let them give you the confidence you need on your run

After reading that don't you just want to get you some!? Steph and I have had our Aspaeris shorts for about a month now and we both love them!  We've used them during speed work, for long runs, and for recovery. I wear them all the time and wish I had a pair for every day. I have to admit though that I wear them under my clothes because they aren't the most flattering things to wear on their own :)    

What are your favorite running "things"? 

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