Monday, July 21, 2014

San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon 2014

Since this race happened a looooong time ago, June 1st, I'm going to do a quick recap with lots of pictures.  If you want a more detailed and entertaining recap go to Steph's blog and read her recap!

The day before the race we met up with some awesome runners for a PRO Compression shake out run.  We met some fun gals and 1 guy ;) and ran 3 miles with them along this beautiful beach!

 Sock Selfie!

 Sarah was so awesome and fun to meet, she set up a little refreshment table and raffle while we were running!

Kristin aka Stuftmama was the cutest and led the crew on a fun run and brought some goodies for us and PRO Compression swag for a raffle.

 Jump to race morning, after Steph and I wandered around and went potty a few times we needed a quick picture before the race started.  As we were getting our picture taken we got photo bombed by these two crazies... Sarah and Monica  I was trying to figure out who was creeping over my shoulder!

 Tall sock twins rocking our favorite socks as always #keepittight

 I loved this part of the race, it was through a huge park and was so pretty!

 We ran the race.... it was Hilly, Humid, and Hot as hell, is how I'd describe it! 

After the race we went into the stadium and watched the Aloe Blac concert for a few minutes!
Kaden and Kenna kicking back, watching the concert.

 After we got all showered up Jake and Steph took us to one of their favorite places to get fish n chips, it was yummy!  I never drink soda but for some reason after a marathon I have to have one, so Steph and I had a toast with our Dr Pepper :D

 We wandered and hiked around some beaches for a while, I think I was a little tired by this time!

My bib and medal, I worked hard for that thing!  I loved running this race with my best lil friend!  We finished in 3:37, it wasn't what we'd trained for but it's what we were able to do that day.  You never know what your body will give you on race day or how the weather will affect you.  It ended up being 78% humidity and 80ish degrees and sunny.  Hard conditions to run in.  I am grateful for this experience and love running and learning from each race I do!


  1. Not all the participants of the shake out run were women :)

    1. I went in and made a little change!